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Dave Rhodes

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Communicator / Coach / Consultant / Collaborator

In a world that is constantly shifting, consistency is of utmost importance. Through the developed skills of Communication, Coaching, Consultation and Collaboration, Dave Rhodes empowers leaders in The Art of Congruency—developing personal lives and corporate cultures that are constantly changing but never random.

Dave currently works as the Pastor of Discipleship and Movement Initiatives at Grace Fellowship Church in Atlanta Georgia. He is a sought after speaker, writer, consultant and coach. He is co-founder of Wayfarer and a collaborative partner for 10,000 Fathers and Younique.

Dave is married to Kim and the father of 3 fabulous children—Emma, Izzie and Frankie. Together they function as a Family on Mission, showing and telling people about Jesus. Dave enjoys playing golf, watching college football and eating chicken wings—and maybe eating chicken wings a little too much. Keep up with their family at rhodestoanywhere.com



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